Changes in Balú – Wraps & Sweet´s life!

From ownership and location to menu items

The proud owner standing in front of Balú – Wraps & Sweets diner in Laugavegur 164

So, big changes have been made after a busy summer season for Balú food caravan in Mývatnssveit.

First of all the ownership changed. Balú was previously owned by a three-stakeholder company that was mainly focusing on research and

counseling in tourism, where Balú was a side project. Balú is now owned and run by one of the former owners, under a newly founded company that only focuses on the Balú – Wraps & Sweets brand.

Next an detailed operation on how to serve better quality food started. That was done by reading through all reviews and comments that came in during the summer.

Changes were made on some of the recipes. For example: All the wraps are now served warm, ingredients were added in some of the recipes, the waffles were made bigger and in two sizes, few cakes were added on the menu and last but not least, the coffee quality upgraded significantly.

Now Balú was ready to open again and did so on November 8th 2017 after few months of inner construction. Balú is no longer in a food caravan but has it´s own corner inside a bigger restaurant called Snæland.

Dear friends, we are very proud of how far we´ve come with what started as a small idea about serving new kind of wraps out of a food caravan. We happily welcome you to Balú – Wraps & Sweets on Laugavegur 164, 105 Reykjavík and look forward to serving you wraps and sweets 🙂

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